Intensive Face-To-Face Final Expense Training Program

Now Announcing My New Face-To-Face Final Expense Training Program For New Mentorship Agents

Attention Current Potential Mentorship Agents And Agencies!  Due to popular demand, I am rolling out a new and intensive multi-day, face-to-face final expense training program offered exclusively to my Final Expense Agent Mentorship agents only.

***********Please note that this is an optional final expense training program, and is *not* required to be purchased if you elect to join the Mentorship Program.**************

Let Dave Teach You Final Expense Training In Your Own Back Yard!

The goal of this program is to intensively coach, instruct, and develop my Mentorship agents in a face-to-face environment on all aspects of selling final expense successfully in the comfort of working in your own area.

In this final expense training program, I will personally train and mentor you on the following:

1) All Aspects of Qualifying and Presenting to Final Expense Prospects.
2) How to Door Knock Effectively for Maximal Presentation Conversion.
3) How to Effectively Set Appointments Over The Phone.
4) How to Efficiently Organize and Plan Your Day.
5) Identify Weaknesses In Presenting and Prospecting to Design a Step-by-Step Plan of Action To Maximize Your Performance.

Here’s a detailed itinerary and breakdown of what to expect each day of your Intensive Final Expense Training Mentorship Program:


– Dave arrives in your area in the evening.


– 8:30AM to 10AM: Training For Appointment Setting Over The Phone. Here Dave will review your appointment-setting script, roll-play with you, then coach you live as you are dialing through your leads. Dave’s goal is for you to begin feeling comfortable with your script, and identify any immediate areas of improvement.

– 10AM to 5PM: Door Knocking And Running Appointments. Dave will show you his way of getting appointments at the door on the spot, and coach you on how to do it effectively on your own. Additionally, you will observe Dave deliver several presentations in person, as well as coach and analyze you both door knocking and presenting. Dave’s goal is to immediately identify the fastest and most effective ways to improve your presentation and door knocking skills.

– 6PMto 8PM: Recap of the Day. Dave and you will review the day’s appointments, mutually identifying areas of strength and weaknesses, and putting together an action-plan of how to improve performance.


– 9AM to 10AM: Appointment Setting. Dave will continue to coach and mentor you on your appointment setting skills, making sure what was learned is reinforced.
– 10AM to 7PM: Door Knocking and Running Appointments. You will run and lead all of today’s appointments while Dave analyzes your performance, looking for ways to improve, and jumping in to help if you run into any problems.
– 7PM to 8PM: Recap of the Day: You and Dave review the day’s work, discussing areas to improve upon, and which areas to reinforce new learning.


– 9AM to 10AM: Recap the Week’s Work. Dave and you take one final look at the week’s presentations, appointments set, results, and create a concluding action plan on the biggest areas needing improvement to up your game.
– 11AM to 3PM: Door Knock for Appointments. Dave will continue to analyze and review your performance to review any last concluding issues that need to be addressed and improved upon.
– 3PM or later: Training is concluded, and David disembarks back home.

Here Are My Goals For You To Walk Away With After The Conclusion Of Our Intensive Final Expense Training:

-You will have memorized and internalized your final expense phone setting script, and feel confident using the phone to set appointments.

-You will feel comfortable door knocking your final expense leads as a part of your prospecting process.

-You will become more at-ease giving my Four-Part Final Expense Sales Presentation, and learn which areas in your presentation need improvement.

-Our training will conclude with an actionable plan of attack with tangible recommendations on how to improve your performance prospecting and selling final expense.

-You will feel more knowledgeable and experienced to more consistently close new final expense business.

Due to the expense of travel and the cost of removing myself from my own personal production, below describes the investment required to partake in this program:

1) A non-refundable payment for $1899. This pays for my airfare, lodging, and lead investment. This price subject to airfare rates to fly into your area, and is negotiable if airfare is not necessary if the agent is within a 4 hour driving distance from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

2) Agent agrees to a 50% commission split on all business produced off of the leads purchased through the Mentorship training. The reason for this is to account for my time away from personally producing.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this training program, please contact me directly via the Contact page, or email me if you have interest.

Again, as a friendly reminder, this is *not* a requirement for joining my Mentorship program, and only offered as an additional resource for agents at a longer distance from myself as a way to get high-quality final expense training, face-to-face from me.