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Bottom line… you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

Final Expense Sales & Marketing
Mastery Course


Anonymous Surveys From Actual Live FE Boot Camp Attendees

Great except I did not get the link to join until PM, missed first half otherwise fantastic. Trying to think of what could be done better in the presentation and come up with nothing, could not expect more than what was provided unless it was free lol
Very informative, well worth the money
It was a complete start to finish study of the segment videos we watch often.

It was a dual training of F2F and telesales strategies and would like to see more of these boot-camps, but perhaps strategy specific.

I understand our best “boot-camp” is when we go live, and your boot-camp more readied us for that.

All Duford training is exceptional because you train on production and not rah-rah recruiting which distracts from learning to produce.

You are an educational machine with boundless energy on every related topic we need and inspire to over our careers .
At my level I thought the information was fantastic. The best I’ve ever received.
Its not necessarily a good thing to have nothing negative to say or suggest improvement on i wish i could point to something to improve on so that its beneficial to you going forward but when it comes to me i will suggest thru a text or email.

Anyway i guess the only suggestion might be 10 mins between modules…long walk to my outhouse ha ha in Portland Tn .I found the boot camp so full of valuable information that will be put to use daily !

The Q & A was fantastic with super participation by all attendees.
Was great to get all your awesome wisdom and training in a jam packed session.

More of a complete beginning to end rundown of how it should be done than the shorter training sessions. (Those are great too) I would highly recommend a boot camp for those just starting out or running into issues.

Many answered questions as well as the “why’s ” of how its best to focus your presentation, business and mindset. A+
David Duford is a Master Teacher!

This boot camp was very professional, very organized, very informative, easy to implement suggestions and techniques taught at the Boot Camp!

His thorough break down of the Telephone and face-to-face script (which is the key to making multiple sales) is unmatched by any company I’ve ever been affiliated with.
More helpful than *** or ***. They are so intense where you are laid back and encourage participation by your demeanor
David’s Final Expense Seminar was outstanding! Such great information on the in’s and out’s of selling FE insurance.

David has a wealth of knowledge from successes to failures that he so kindly shares with complete honesty and integrity.

Overall, he is a great teacher of not only FE, but life insurance in general, from selling, to management of your business, and agency building.

I have learned so much from him that I plan to join his agency! His desire to help agents be successful whether you are an agent of his or not, tells me a lot about his character and that means a lot to me.
HANDS DOWN, in my 9 year licensed history, I have never attended a more thorough Boot Camp/Training session for the Final Expense sales business!
This is an 8-hour interactive classroom-style lecture which serves as a comprehensive summary of David’s FE book.

The experience is personal, well-organized, and easy to follow. By the end of the seminar, everything that must be done in order to imitate David’s success is perfectly clear.
It was very informative and educational. The material was explained very well and it was easy to comprehend.
I thought it was very good and helpful. Some of the content was redundant to me as I have books and follow YouTube content.

Great beginner information. Would like all the handouts and extra access to be provided in an easier to find format with maybe a seminar landing page for the event with all the links and content clickable there.

Was a little overwhelmed trying to find what I paid for and still not sure I have it all. Overall I would say it was a good experience and appreciated David and other attendees input and perspectives.
informative, educational, a little entertaining
Very rewarding experience from fine tuning phone to presentation to close.
Excellent info for newbies and senior sales reps. Learned allot.
I have only been a telesales agent for about a month, but since my start I watched your YouTube channel and learned from an agent who has been listening to you for ages.

By the time of the seminar I had already set up the main things (what lead source I like, the company I’m with, etc); so while I fully understand how useful the thorough approach was in general, that meant a few parts of the presentation did not apply to me.

Not complaining; there were still a dozen gold nuggets I got that I truly see changing my sales for the better. Tips on rapport-building especially are going to help my conversion rate.

I’ve been stuck on prospects leaving after I show my presentation, and I think now that that’s because–while a friendly person–I was afraid to cut away from my script long enough to build a real connection.

I’d get one chuckle and then hurry back to business before getting too off-topic, in case they thought I wasn’t professional. I’m only 22 and female with an excitable voice, so that’s a deep-rooted concern.

I also hugely appreciated that you didn’t require icebreakers/cameras on; it was very refreshing, by the way, to see another self-proclaimed introvert succeed so much in this business.

Finally, I simply cannot overstate how useful all of the documents you provide are. I already had a good script from the agent who got me in the business, but with the sheer volume of tips I got from yours I’m still excitedly going through them days later.

The accounting forms are great too, as it helps me to picture this job as a start-up I run (I was previously in a 9-5 career) and I am all about those planning documents.

Final Expense Sales & Marketing
Mastery Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the program all about? 

It’s a recorded, immediate access to a workshop specifically for final expense agents who want to master the art and the craft of selling final expense successfully. 

I’m captive with [X Company], can I still purchase? 

Yes, you can. 

Just because I’m an independent agent doesn’t mean that the training I offer is any less impactful or relevant. It will absolutely help you, even if you’re captive to one company. 

The same goes for you if you’re an independent agent, but you don’t work for my agency. Don’t panic! Everyone is welcome to purchase. 

As you all probably know, my training is based on the independent model. But independent agent or not, there’s going to be a lot of value to be had here.

What if I sell over the phone or face-to-face? Will “how I sell affect whether I should get the training?

Nope! I recommend you join my workshop regardless of “how” you sell. Over the phone or face-to-face, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome!

Just quickly, I’d like to use this opportunity to mention a little bit about my background. I’ve sold final expense face-to-face since 2011. I’ve recruited and trained predominantly face-to-face agents since 2014.

However, although I don’t talk much about it, I also run a very small, final expense based call center (since 2017). 

This means I have direct experience selling over the phone, what platforms to use, the best strategies to employ, and how it’s different from face-to-face sales. So no matter “how” you sell, this virtual workshop is absolutely going to be useful. 

We’re also going to talk about software and hardware, such as CRMs, and so on. So even if you’re more into the telesales side of things, you’ll still benefit from attending. 

What if I’m not currently licensed, but I plan to be? Should I still get the program? 

Absolutely! You’re more than welcome to be here. You do NOT have to be licensed to purchase this program. 

This workshop is a crash course style format. We’ll cover the fundamentals, but we’ll also get down to brass tacks and focus on what’s really important. 

And if you work at my agency, this is going to be very useful as well! Plus, if you do work with me or you’re planning to, I will refund your registration fee after you write ten policies with my agency (no matter what carriers you use). 

I try to incentivize purchase, registration, and attendance to this event by offering you your money back once you get out there and make something of the training you absorbed.

What’s different about this training VERSUS what else you offer (like your YouTube videos)?

A lot of you might be thinking, “Well, geez, I only have 1300 videos of David talking about final expense sales. Why would I want to get one of these workshops?” 

And I’ve been thinking about putting a video together on this. The problem with relying solely on YouTube is this:

There’s TOO much information! 

How do you know which videos will benefit you the most?

And that’s exactly what this workshop solves. In just eight hours, I’m going to focus entirely on what matters. They’ll be absolutely NO FILLER content at all! 

Of course, you could go through my channel and watch video after video after video and spend months slowly absorbing information without knowing which videos will be the most relevant or what’s going to guarantee results. 

But by purchasing this workshop, you’re going to learn what you need right to obtain the results you want. That’s what the point of all this is, right?

Can you walk us through the curriculum?

So, we will cover the following topics:

  • Talking about the script and going over the process of building rapport, pre-qualifying effectively, and positioning yourself as the superior choice. 
  • Closing, handling objections, and spending time face-to-face or on the phone with the prospect and selling them. 
  • Listening to real-life sales presentations from other agents, including myself, so you can connect what you learn to the real world!

In the second half, we’ll discuss the following:

  • Our script for face-to-face selling, door knocking, and scheduling appointments. 
  • A deep-dive analysis of lead vendors. What leads are great, your options are, and which ones to avoid. 
  • Business management principles like CRM selection (whether you’re telesales or face-to-face), what metrics to track, how to evaluate your activity, and what you can do to improve. 
  • Scaling! How to expand your business to a $10,000 a week premium (if that’s your goal) and how I’ve helped other agents do the same. 
  • Extensive Q&A session just in case there’s something I didn’t cover in enough detail. You’ll be able to ask me questions directly. 

And that’s a basic overview of what we’ll be covering. The goal is to piece together all the puzzle pieces you need to run an effective final expense sales business, whether you’re an independent or captive agent, selling on the phone or in person.

What if I buy and find out it isn’t right for me? Do you offer any sort of guarantee?

So, this is really simple. You have my ironclad money-back guarantee

If you register for the program, but you’re not totally blown away, I will refund the entire registration fee.

If you can’t see the value in this course, simply email me, my support team, or any else at and let us know this isn’t for you. 

You’ll receive a refund for the registration fee, and as a bonus, you can still keep all of the free giveaways. It’s my way of saying thanks for at least giving this a shot. 

How Bonuses Work

On that note, let’s list these free bonuses that you’ll get just for purchasing!

Bonus – #1 Three of My Best Selling Insurance Sales and Marketing Books (eBook format): 
  • The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense
  • The Official Guide to Selling Insurance For New Agents
  • Interviews with Top Producing Insurance Agents
Bonus – #2 Top Lead Vendor Discounts

I’ve negotiated discounts with several lead vendors that are very good in the business, and you’ll get a considerable amount off your orders.

Bonus – #3 My Inner Circle Training Program

Free access for two months! Yep, you heard that right! Absolutely no cost! That would normally cost $140.

Bonus – #4 My Seminar Marketing Mastery Program

Lifetime access for free to my Seminar Marketing Mastery Program. It would typically cost $300 to invest in that system. 

Bonus – #5 Free One-On-One Call with Me

If you decide not to join my agency, you’ll get access to a free one-on-one call with me.

TOTAL VALUE = $768! You get this for FREE, just for purchasing! 

And if you decide it’s not for you, like I said, you can take advantage of my money-back guarantee. You’ll still get all these bonuses anyway, as a constellation gift 🙂

Also, as I mentioned above, if you are a part of my agency or decide to join after the event, once you write ten policies with my company, I will refund the entire registration fee.

This is my way of hopefully incentivizing some of you to join my agency! And what better way of doing so than offering your money back? 🙂

What’s the cost for this program?

Your investment is as follows:

  • 1-time payment of $499 using discount code DUFORD100 at checkout.

Now, I’d like to point out that this is an excellent price for a program like this. Plus, there are no expensive travel fees to pay for. It’s significantly cheaper than if you were to attend one of our live in-person events. 

How do I join this one-day Final Expense Sales and Mastery Workshop? 

It’s very simple. Below there is a direct link to purchase the program. Simply click that link!

If you’re genuinely serious about making a career in final expense, definitely purchase a ticket now. Just do it. There are plenty of free bonuses as well that’ll make this worth your time. 

Plus, you’ve got an ironclad money-back guarantee that will protect you if you decide this isn’t for you. So why not give it a try? Click the link below to gain access to the program now =).

If you have any questions, you can send me a message at

Final Expense Sales & Marketing
Mastery Course