What Final Expense Marketing System Do Top Producers ALL Use?

One of the greatest things about the final expense business is that it is a mature model of doing business.  Insurance sales has been around forever– it’s a product that is fairly old, and people understand how insurance works, especially burial insurance (as the name implies, it pays for your burial).  

What that means is that the methods in which one acquires business is fairly well known to all, and there’s not necessarily any sort of secret sauce or magic monkey dust that has some kind of unique advantage over generating leads.  In this article I’m going to discuss what kind of marketing system is used by the vast majority of final expense agents.  The purpose of this article is to really pull back the veneer, especially if you’re new, on how final expense is successfully sold in a top-producing quantity and really just to, hopefully, convey to you that there isn’t a secret sauce here– it’s a simple sauce, just one in which you need to employ.

There’s no magic pixie dust that will make you a more successful salesperson!

What exactly is the top final expense marketing system?  

1) Direct Mail Leads

Whenever I talk and have conference calls with potential new mentorship agents, one of the things we discuss is what all the top 10% of agents do.  In fact, the way I frame my approach in recruiting is that I train my agents on what the top 10% do.  This business is mature; we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  All we need to do is just dial into what has already been proven to work, and what better way to conserve on limited resources than to not risk it on questionable methods of success?  Invariably, one of the three parts to success in this business is using a direct mail final expense lead program if you want to be a top producer.  In my experiences discussing and talking with top producers around the country, from California to Maine, the vast majority of them (upwards of 90%) are usually doing some kind of direct mail final expense program.


They are buying leads on a consistent basis where the leads are returned back to them and they either call to set appointments the following day or they show up with the card in hand to ask for an appointment on the spot.  These leads bring in the most consistent level of success and production, and they’re the easiest and most geographically dense way to produce leads without having to drive cross-country.  Plus, many of the large players in the final expense business understand all of this and leverage the system because they do know it works.  

As on Wall Street, you always want to follow the big money.  A lot of times the big money knows what’s going on, they understand how the business is, and if you follow what they do, you can kind of hang on the coattails and see if you can get the same kind of success.  It’s the same when it comes to marketing in the final expense business— simply do what they do.  It’s going to result in a lot better experience and a lot better results, consistently. 

2) Avatar Leads

What do the other 10% of final expense producers use as a final expense marketing system?  This is an interesting conversation.  As my business has grown and as I’ve brought on new agents and sat back and watched their success, I have found that this percentage of 90% truly is the case, as to what top producers use to produce business.  All the 90% truly are using direct mail lead sources, but just as I indicated, there is a percentage of them that are doing other kind of lead programs and getting great results as well.


Avatar leads are a great way to start selling if your start-up capital is limited.

The biggest portion of the 10% are those who are using avatar final expense leads. Avatar final expense leads are telemarketing leads that are very cheap to produce, but of decent quality, and have a really good return on investment if worked properly.  I sell them, and I like them a lot, especially for agents who are low on starting capital and want a good way to get out there and start to work right away.  The thing you’ve got to understand about final expense avatar leads is that it usually takes a willingness to travel a considerable distance or being willing to work a large metropolitan area to fulfill these kinds of leads.  Like I said, I sell these and I like them a lot, but they do have their downfalls, primarily because of the fact that there are very few people left who are not on the ‘Do Not Call’ list and you tend to burn an area out if you keep targeting it repeatedly.  With that said, it’s a lot easier to just go ahead and commit to a larger distance and a larger area to properly fulfill the campaign. 

As I look at my agents who are successful at these leads, it kind of all makes sense.  The ones that do the best with the avatar leads are going to be, for example, Chicago, Dallas or Memphis– they work very large areas with a high population and are willing to jump around and drive in order to keep things coming in on a consistent basis, and that’s how it works.  Avatars are really good, but you’ve got to commit to more windshield time.

3) Seminar Marketing

The last kind of program that I see some success with, although not as consistent, even though it definitely could be, is the seminar marketing approach.  I talk more about the seminar marketing approach in other articles, but just to give you a generalized idea, you’re essentially going into facilities where seniors are, presenting a short talk about final expense options, and selling policies.  It’s a scalable model. You’ve got to travel if you want to crank out 4-6 a week, but a lot of agents that I work with are writing 1-2 apps per seminar.  The great thing is you just don’t have to pay a lot of money for the leads. All you have to pay for is setup cost and food– that’s pretty much it!  It can have great results, but it has to be committed to and followed.


Those are the final expense marketing systems that are used successfully in this business.  As I always say to all my agents, my goal is to get them on a direct mail program as quickly as possible, especially if they can’t afford it initially, because the results are just better than any other option.  I want my guys to be successful.  As an agency, I make money when my agents make money, so I have a vested interest in trying to push agents, when they’re ready, to get on the best source of leads and the best odds of success.  That will always be direct mail for the foreseeable future.  If you have any interest in any of the programs that I offer, feel free to contact me via my website www.FEAgentMentor.com to get more information on what it’s like to work in the mentorship program.  Otherwise, thanks for reading this article!