Final Expense Careers Let Agents Help Families In Their Darkest Hours

While most of what I talk about at Final Expense Agent Mentor focuses on increasing final expense sales productivity, it’s always important to remind ourselves about how final expense careers give us the ability to help families in their darkest hours.

A lot of what I talk about regarding final expense careers is about sales, training, and underwriting. But today’s will focus on what we are there to do for the customer in the first place. And that is helping their family get the money that they’re owed when they die.

I recently came back in town from Panama City Beach spending some time with my Dad and doing a little business. When I got home, I found a notice from a nice company called Lafayette Life Insurance. A nice gentleman I had ensured had passed away.

His son had called to inform me of his passing as well. At the risk of sounding odd – considering that I am involved¬†helping agents take final expense jobs and turn them into life-long businesses –¬†I was shocked. It doesn’t get old when a good customer or client dies.

Death is the reality of life. It’s the reality of what this business is about. And as much as final expense careers are about making a good living and achieving your potential, final expense careers allow us to help in ways nobody else can.

final expense careers

Final expense careers allow agents to help families in ways many people cannot.

Let me give you a little background on this. I sold this policy about a year and a half ago in North Georgia. Long story short, we got him approved without an issue.

I checked in with him about 6 months ago and he was in perfect shape. Then back in April he died from aggressive brain cancer.

And to my pleasure today, I got the claim check from Lafayette Life. The policy paid not only the funeral home, but the proceeds left over were directed to the family. My deceased client had a policy over $20,000.

Sometimes it doesn’t always works out this way in final expense careers. I have received phone calls from bereaved children wondering where their daddy’s life insurance money is. Sadly, I have had to inform several of them that Daddy never pulled the trigger, or worst, he lapsed the policy several months prior to his death.

I just got off the phone with a lady I like a lot. I sold a policy 2 years ago. She lapsed it, came back about 6 months later, we re-upped it, they lapsed it again, and then he ended up having brain and liver cancer not to long after they let the policies go.

His wife called a few days ago. He had died on Monday and he had zero coverage. As all involved in final expense careers understand, you always want to try to save lapses. I had tried to keep it on the books. But I unfortunately wasn’t able to with this client.

final expense careers

Final expense careers allow us to help people in very noble ways.

Who other than those in final expense careers strokes a check when somebody dies? Not very many people do. This great opportunity to help others serves as a reminder to those final expense agents who get frustrated, struggle, and maybe question the reason to commit to final expense careers.

You are the one that has to get out there and make things happen for these people. You are a noble, strong person. If you get through the rejection, if you get through the heartaches, you are going to help people out in a way that so many cannot.

And by you fighting to see these people, one day down the line they’re going to end up like my gentleman here in north Georgia. If I didn’t fight to see this guy, if I didn’t go through the process of getting him qualified with the best plan at the best price with a good company, if I didn’t fight to see this guy in a timely manner to get in front of him to talk about life insurance, he may have had nothing. And that’s powerful.

Remember; everyone involved in final expense careers struggles with these deadbeats who piss you off. You can’t let them bring you down. You must always remember that you are searching for the people who truly need the kind of blessing you can provide them. And when the time comes, their family is going to thank you for fighting that battle to see them.

It’s a tough battle not many people can get through. You should hold your head up high. I know I do. Because when I see these death claims and I see the checks in the family’s claims that they can pay off their debts, they can have money to do things, to take care of matters, this is something that it of the utmost value and utmost importance and dignity. It all makes final expense careers worth pursuing.

To my deceased client: you’re a good man. To all you guys reading out there: this is what it’s about. You can do a great service to families everywhere. You can be an evangelist for life insurance while a great living in final expense careers.