Final Expense Agent Mentor Ride-Along Testimonial With Rick

This is David Duford from Final Expense Agent Mentor at and today we’re doing a Final Expense Agent Mentorship testimonial interview discussing a new agent of mine’s first ride-along with me in the field. I want to introduce Mr. Rick here in the great state of Tennessee. Say hello Rick.

Rick: Hello.

We’re just going to do a quick little interview on what it’s like to run final expense leads. Now Rick’s got a little different background; you’ve been selling final expense off and on for a while, right?

Rick: Yeah, about 8 or 9 months.

final expense agent testimonial

Final Expense Agent Testimonial

OK, so Rick’s got a little experience and he joined me because he felt like he wanted to kind of improve his game and get access to more of a systemized approach to this business and so the purpose of this interview is just to get his perspective on what it’s been like to ride with me and kind of provide you guys who are possibly looking to enter the final expense business or work with me kind of some perspective. So if you don’t mind, Rick, kind of take me through kind of how the day has been overall for you. From the beginning…

Rick: OK, sure. Thanks, David. Basically, you know, we started bright and early in the morning here and we ran 5 leads and hey– it was a good variety of leads for me because I got to see several different scenarios that even with my 9 months of experience, whatever that experience is in the field so far, I haven’t quite been presented with so far. Without a doubt, I’ve grown tremendously in the 6, 7 hours, 8 hours, whatever it is– 9 hours almost– that we’ve been out here today. So that’s the birds-eye view of it.

Cool. So just kind of to give you all some background, what we did today is we did what I would call a short day where I do 6 or 7 appointments within, you know, a basically 9-4 and we did, I think, a total of 6 appointments. Everybody showed up, we did a door knock at the end, right?

Rick: Yes.

I sold 3 out of the 6. If you could describe to somebody who was kind of curious what the ride-along experience is like, Rick, kind of describe what you experienced, what you got out of it, and what you think you would tell somebody new what would be of value and why you would want to do this to begin with?

Rick: First off, I think the value to somebody that’s new is getting multiple scenarios and seeing it for themselves, what it’s all about. I mean, you’re going to have people from, you know, all walks of life. Some places aren’t going to smell too pretty, some places aren’t going to look too pretty, some people are going to be rude, some are the nicest people in the world and we literally got the full gamut of that today and I think it’s important for anybody coming into this business that’s never done it before. Thankfully, I’ve, you know, been doing it for a little while.

To know and understand that, that you’re going to have, you know, people that you’re not usually used to dealing with on a consistent basis, but the stories you hear from these people– David, this last guy we were with, the guy that you door knocked… he actually couldn’t stop thanking us enough at the end. We helped him save– oh my goodness– David helped him save 150 bucks a year and to some of us $150 is, you know, a sneeze on a Saturday evening, but for folks that are on limited incomes, this 150 bucks a year that he’s going to have extra in his pocket means a ton and, you know, it’s a tremendous opportunity in a ride-along, in between appointments, to really go over and go through as you’re traveling in between and ask David, you know, “Hey, why did you say this?” or, “Why did you choose this company?” “Hey, what’s that medication? I haven’t come across that before.”

So really a lot of the intangible things that you don’t think about when you get into the final expense business, insurance business, questions that you wouldn’t think you might normally have– they’re just going to come out and you have an answer right there waiting for you.

Cool. So what I want to ask you, Rick, is this being your first ride-along day with me, you’re unique in the sense you’ve got a little bit of experience, so it’s not like this is a total new experience– you know what you’re doing, to an extent. So what I’m curious, I think what other people are curious about as well, what I think would be a good question would be what 1 or 2 things just based off of today’s ride-along do you see of being of value or a learning experience that you could implement within your own approach to selling final expense.

Rick: Well there’s a couple things that, to me, were very important and crucial and really the whole process with which you go through and basically running each appointment the same exact way, but still being able to tailor it to the individual person is very important and it’s– hey, you know, if I had this 9 months ago, you know, as far as the presentation, the ability to make it short and concise but thorough for the client, you know, I think I’d be a lot, you know, in a better position than I was hoping to be at this point.

But what it comes down to is having a system that’s easy to mix my personality into and that’s easy to be replicated, in my opinion. And then also it’s always a wonderful thing, I think, when you can have somebody else, you know, see how they react with clients, see how they react to clients’ questions. Those right there are probably the 2 paramount things that I took out of today.

Perfect, yeah. And that’s important because in ride-alongs, I’m a big believer that they are, for beginning agents, crucial because they allow you to see exactly is possible. You know, whenever you get involved in some sort of business venture, there’s always a sense of real risk; you never know, until you do it, if you’re really capable of doing it. And when you see somebody actually do it successfully and then, on top of it, deal with ups and downs– I mean, our day wasn’t 6 of 6, it wasn’t 100%, you know. I only had a 50% closing rate– actually that’s good, but I had 3 people that declined to buy, you know, for various reasons.

But actually seeing a real live agent deal with these kind of things will tell you that, you know, this is something that is possible to do and commonly what I see from the people that I work with, their instant thought that they think is, “Well geez– if this guy can do it, there’s no reason that I can’t,” you know? And so that’s why I’m a big believer and I appreciate your insight on learning the presentation because I just think that it makes all the difference to see– I think everybody to some extent is a doubting Thomas– but when you see it, seeing is believing and that’s what begins the process.

Are there any other last words, any thoughts about the appointments or the final expense leads themselves? Anything you want to lead to anybody who’s listening to or reading how this thing’s going, Rick?

Rick: Well this is to guys like myself, who have been doing this 6, 9 months, you know, maybe a year, know it’s a business that you enjoy, know it’s a business that you can be successful at, you know, there’s a lot of different organizations, you know, promising you the world, this, that and everything else– if you know it’s a business you love, know it’s a business that you want to be a part of and can succeed at, find yourself a mentor. And David, I’ve known him long enough now, he won’t even mind me saying this, but even if it’s not David, there is enough fish out in the sea; find yourself a mentor like David who’s going to take the time with you, take you out, show you the ropes and then be there for you weeks down the road. Really, don’t sit there and keep struggling if you’re 6, 9 months into this and you’re not actually at the goals that you want to be at– that’s what I would say, David.

Perfect. Yeah, and Rick’s right on the money. I mean, like we were talking about earlier, which we need to talk about because I’m kind of curious, this business is an old-fashioned apprenticeship, mentorship, guild-type business, meaning the way that you learn this business is coming under the wing of somebody who is successful at it so that you can learn all the nuances and the things that really matter and many of the organizations available out there, the people that are recruiting have no practical, real-world, actionable experience, so you really don’t learn from anybody who knows what they’re doing.

So that’s why I completely agree, whether it was with me or another agent/trainer altogether, the important thing to get and have continued and sustained success in this business is to have somebody who will train you, but also who will follow-up with you and take the time to help develop you into a successful final expense agent. So I just want to thank Rick again for coming along today and taking the time to do this testimonial, being willing to do it– I really appreciate it, Rick.

Rick: You’re welcome, glad to do it.

And if you guys are interested to learn more about the final expense agent mentorship program, check my website out– it’s You can mosey on over and check all the videos and articles I have, as well as review all the wonderful YouTube videos I have available that will help you train in the final expense business and as always, thanks so much for listening. Take care.