Why Exclusive Final Expense Life Insurance Leads Are King

In the fight to find leads that are actually worth working, it’s important to understand the monumental difference between an exclusive lead and a non-exclusive lead.  In this article I’m going to discuss what exactly the difference is between exclusive final expense leads and non-exclusive final expense leads and tell you why you should always prefer one over the other and where to find those that I prefer.


You should be the only person working the leads you paid for!

First of all, when we talk about exclusive final expense life insurance leads, what we’re talking about are leads that are completely and unadulteratedly yours.  There’s no question as to who owns the lead; they are yours entirely.  The reason this is important is because many of the large marketing organizations that are in existence today sell leads to multiple agents.  They are not exclusive to you. They sell the lead for a lower price or, without your knowledge, they resell those leads to somebody else.  Invariably, what happens is you get the leads, but many times you get the leads after they’ve been sold to somebody else (even though you paid full price for them). Now you’re in a position where people have already been seen multiple times and aren’t interested and you’ve basically been fleeced.  Most likely you’re reading this because you were researching final expense insurance leads, so everything I’m telling you is probably knowledge you were already aware of, and of course, you don’t want to go in that direction.


What do you do?  You’ve got to find a lead that is exclusive.  Exclusive final expense insurance leads are not resold. They’re fresh, not old; and they’re exclusive to you.  The reality that all vendors should tell you but won’t necessarily is that there really isn’t any way to get an exclusive lead unless you generate it yourself.  Here’s what I mean– even if you deal with a vendor who is exclusive, even if you buy it through me, there’s no 100% guarantee that it couldn’t be sold elsewhere.  Now, I’m not suggesting that I sell non-exclusive leads; I don’t do that and I don’t believe in that.  What I am saying is that, if there’s any kind of middle man, if there’s anyone that would upload a lead or have it processed at a center outside of your reach, there is potentially room for somebody to resell your leads because they’ve got a copy of the lead.  

You’ve got to understand that there is a real possibility that the leads could be resold to someone else, and that’s why you always work with people who have a public persona or who are well known in the marketplace, because if they don’t follow up and do their job, then they can be vetted publicly online and have bad marks against them.  That’s the way I operate my business, most of which is done over the internet.  If somebody does have a problem and I do screw somebody, they can easily go on to Rip-Off Report or the Better Business Bureau and file an issue or a claim.  As I tell people, my reputation is everything in this business, and since it’s mostly done over the internet, I have to do a good job or I’m going to get screwed– rightfully so if I’m not doing my job.

Anytime there’s a third party in the lead generation process, there’s risk involved.

The best way to find out if a vendor is worth working with is to figure out if they’re trustworthy.  Do they have references they can give you?  Do they have testimonials?  Are you dealing with someone who can show and prove that what they do is at least legitimate?  If they can’t come up with a couple names of people you can talk to, the likelihood is that they’re shit and everybody hates them.  Don’t get me wrong, everybody has people with bad experiences, but if you can’t come up with a couple of good ones, then that’s a problem.

Understand that that’s the nature of this business.  Unless you’re doing your own telemarketing, your own seminar marketing, your own direct mail tied to a P.O. box that you own, there’s always a risk.  With that said, you can mitigate it entirely by doing the steps I just described– by vetting them, by making sure you’re dealing with somebody who has a public persona and a reputation online because those who do are concerned dearly with making sure that it is honestly upheld.  If you’re interested in checking out my leads, I’ve got avatar leads which are great, and you can go to my website to look at them–they are exclusive to you.  I also have direct mail leads that I offer my agents who are directly contracted with me that are always exclusive. I don’t resell them and never would.  I hope you enjoyed the article.