Carrier/Large Agency Consulting

Are You A Large Agency Looking To Get Into The Final Expense Space?

If you are a large regional- or national-agency, and interested in entering the final expense market, consider David Duford’s final expense agency consulting service offerings.

Benefits include:

1) Ideal Carrier Selection: Learn which carriers are best to work with for maximal commission/persistency optimization, along with minimal administrative burdens.

2) Optimal Marketing Organization Selection: David Duford will help identify the best marketing organizations to work with, allowing you optimal commissionable upside in combination with proper niche-experience.

3) Agent Training: David Duford will custom-design agent training internet-accessible training, in addition to providing first-hand training to your agents. You will get access to final expense specific prospecting training, presentation training, objection and rebuttal training, to carrier-specific training.

4) Lead Program Selection: Picking the right mail house to provide consistent, on-going lead generation is critical to your organizations success in generating final expense sales. David Duford knows all the major lead houses personally, and will help you pick the best option for your region and organizational goals.

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Are You A Carrier Looking For Help On Product Design And Distribution?

If you are an insurance carrier looking for guidance on how to successfully create and enter the final expense life insurance niche, consider David Duford’s consultation services below.

The benefits of working with David Duford include:

1) Product Design: Having personally produced final expense full-time since 2011, in addition to having recruited over 400 agents since 2013, David has an “in-the-trenches” perspective on what makes successful final expense products, as well as why many final expense products fail within several years after rolling out. David understands what elements are necessary for optimal product and underwriting design, and can help you create a final expense product that (a) producers will want to sell, and (b), will be profitable for the carrier.

2) Distribution Access: David has developed relationships with some of the largest and well-respected marketing organizations, and can help your newly-crafted final expense product get the proper level of distribution you require.

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