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Did you know that 89.8% of live attendees at this event rated the FE Underwriting Mastery Course as PERFECT with a score of 5 out of 5? See below:

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This workshop was thorough and very informing. I now feel extremely confident about my underwriting skills.

Very helpful! Between the information provided and questions answered, these kinds of training sessions are much appreciated.

I enjoyed it very much. Learned a lot of good information I otherwise wouldn’t have, I’m so glad you took time to put all that information together and host this event!

Thoughtful insight and precise detail on on subjects presented. Great job. Very satisfied. It was really nice that you have a system for agents and you being a great mentor for your agent. David, your you-tube videos are a must. Very helpful. Always learning more every day and building more confidence in my self. Thank you for being you and thanks for your family also. – Roy Crooks

I think the workshop was an excellent informational tool for me to get started with doing Final Expense. Dave did a great job presenting each carrier and giving us the foundation to build upon.

The entire workshop was great! It was amazing how you took your time and explained about 21 carrier’s apps.

Your expertise; as well as, your vast knowledge of all of the carriers ( and your imputed humor ) was GREAT….Will help me in my FE pursuits. Thanks

The level of detail covered exceeded my expectations and was far above anything available at my prior organization. Honestly, I was blown away. -Bill McCoin

I really learned so much more details about each carrier than reading their individual guides/literature by hearing your thoughts on what you like and don’t like about each carrier was priceless. Your in-depth knowledge about the entire business is not only impressive but the willingness you have to share everything with no stones being left unturned was so valuable. My favorite part were your “war stories” when you were in the field which are so humorous and much appreciated. Being new to this side of the life insurance business, this type of training is exactly what I needed to get my head wrapped around all the nuances of each carrier. Thanks again Dave and can’t wait for the next one! – Marty Waters

Your command of the material is beyond impressive, but what really makes this workshop amazing is your ability to teach and convey lots of heavy material in an organized and efficient way. Your style is engaging with enough humor and relevant stories to keep it interesting. You are the energizer buddy with the patience of Job. Raving fan here. Excited to put in the practice all I learned. Thanks again.

Excellent information. I appreciate the honesty of which carriers to work with and which ones are difficult. The resources are amazing and a huge help. I’m sticking with you, David. – Jackie

Very beneficial especially for a new agent who is unfamiliar with the carrier options. I got a good overview of all the common ones we use and it really helped me narrow down my choices. Going through each application allowed me to see some of the differences in underwriting and get a better understanding of the ease of use for each of these carriers and what sets them apart from each other. – Joshua Barnard

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NOTE: Use Discount Code RX2021 at checkout to take 50% off the purchase price!