Advertising/Affiliate Marketing Opportunities With Duford Insurance Group!

Greetings And Salutations!

In addition to recruiting and training agents nationally to sell final expense, Medicare, and annuities, over the phone or face-to-face, Duford Insurance Group is open to the following business opportunities:

1) Advertising your product, service, or business on this website,
2) Affiliate marketing opportunities, promoting your product, service, or business to Duford Insurance Group’s vast network of licensed agents, or,
3) Unique joint venture business opportunity ideas you have.

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Advertising With Duford Insurance Group

Duford Insurance Group is actively seeking advertising partners interested in marketing their product, service, or business to DIG’s email and social media list of insurance agents and folks interested in selling insurance.

Potentially good fits for advertising partners with DIG include:

  • Insurance carriers interested in brand-building
  • Insurance agencies interested in recruiting
  • Software marketed to insurance agents (dialers, quoters, CRMs, etc.)
  • Insurance agent training programs (live events, boot camps, info-products)
  • Any product, service, or business interested in helping insurance agents succeed!

Interested in learning more about advertising with DIG?

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Affiliate Marketing With Duford Insurance Group

Have a product or service that serves insurance agents? Interested in looking into affiliate marketing to promote your product?

If so, Duford Insurance Group is interested to talk with you!

DIG is interested in pursuing affiliate marketing opportunities with businesses selling high-quality products and services.

Recent success with affiliate marketing business deals include:

1) 80+ sign-ups of a new insurance agent focused CRM system.
2) Nearly 1,000 webinar sign-ups for an automation sales system for insurance agents

Interested in seeing if your product or service is a good fit for DIG’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

Fill the form out below, describing your product or service, and why it would be a good fit.

If it makes sense, someone from DIG will reach back out to schedule a call to discuss in more detail.

Joint Venture Business With Duford Insurance Group

Do you have an info-product or training program you’re interested in (a) promoting, or, (b), creating to promote to DIG’s network of insurance agents?

If so, DIG is interested in talking to you!

We have successfully marketed a number of products and services on a revenue-sharing basis, and are always interested in entertaining new product/service ideas.

Examples of successful JV info product deals include:

  • Medicare Sales & Marketing Mastery Boot Camps & Live Events
  • Live Event Training For final expense telesales
  • Referral generation for insurance agents info-product sales

Got a product you want to promote, or interested in creating a product to promote to DIG’s network?

Pitch us using the form below, explaining your idea and why agents would buy. If interested, we’ll follow up to set up a 1-on-1 time to talk in more detail.

Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, & Joint Venture Inquiry Form