Another Example Of Helping An Agent Underwrite A Final Expense Case

See a real live example below on how David helped his agent select the best plan for his agent over the phone.

David’s comments are in BOLD.

Agent: I’m helping a gentleman here, 66. He takes Metformin but he has no complications of diabetes and he does take Gabapentin, but he doesn’t have neuropathy.  It’s just for an injury or leg cramps from when he used to work. He never really thinks he’s had a bi-polar diagnosis, but they did have him on risperdal for stress.   And so S****** Life was going to work through this, and get him the right one, which he thinks is his best option.

OK, give me his age one more time?

Agent: 66, male, non-smoker.

Yeah, so he’s got neuropathy. Does he take insulin?

Agent: No insulin, no neuropathy but he does take Gabapentin.

But that’s more for nerve pain or something like that, correct?

Agent: Right, right.

And then, we’ll just go with he is bi-polar, he’s taking bi-polar meds, so…

Agent: Yes, yes, yes.

Has he been institutionalized at all in the past 2 years?

Agent: He had to go to the hospital in the last 2 years over for injury, not mental health though.

OK. I mean, he would be United Heritage level without a problem. I would just write in the box there that the Gabapentin is used for non-diabetic neuropathy and he’s taking risperdal and just remark that he’s not been institutionalized for it. And are you missing any other medications or anything else possibly?

Agent: I think that’s it.


Agent: I don’t think we have any problem getting him in there. I was trying Standard Life, this’ll be just a couple dollars more but it’ll still go through like that.

Yeah, with S******* Life, just because he takes the risperdal, they’d probably go ahead and not even offer it to him. I was gonna say, too, trying to think of what else would work… R************ would work, I think Trinity would work without a problem, or Family Benefit, S****** N******* Life wouldn’t. But yeah, United Heritage is fine, I think that’ll be fine.

Agent: Alright, thanks David.