Annuity Contracting Overview With Duford Insurance Group!


Watch this video below *completely* before proceeding:

Getting Contracted Checklist

Please make sure you do all the following:

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BEFORE You Get Started Contracting…

Here are some important notes regarding what to do BEFORE you submit annuity contracting:

1. Unless we’ve given you prior authorization to contract with annuities, we usually want you to find an annuity prospect and have a conversation with our annuity trainer Stephen Burgess BEFORE submitting annuity contracting.

If you have NOT done the above, please go here and review the preliminary annuity prospecting training and put it into action before partaking in the following contracting process.

2. If you HAVE been given permission to contract with annuities WITHOUT having a fact-finder completed on a prospect, please continue.

Starting The Contracting Process With The Annuity Carriers

Here are the steps to successfully complete your carrier contracting below:

Step 1: Create Your SuranceBay Account

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step process to create your SuranceBay Account and submit your carriers:

IMPORTANT: Financial Fraud, Chargebacks, & Vector-One | Please Read ALL Of This Memo BEFORE Proceeding!

For all new agents, you MUST read the following memorandum on chargebacks, Vector-One, and the aggressive prosecution of financial fraud before proceeding any further with contracting.

Please read the entire memorandum here before proceeding.

Important Note About Direct Deposit Setup

We are not able to accept starter/convenience checks, deposit slips, or direct deposit forms.

Please submit a voided check with a valid check number, which matches the Account Name, Bank Name, Account Number, and Routing Number in SuranceBay.

If your account does not have checks, please provide a letter from your bank on bank letterhead, signed by a bank officer with their title clearly indicated, stating the bank account owner name, the ABA/Routing number used for direct deposits, and the bank account number and type.

How To Complete AML Training

Many carriers will also require you to complete Anti-Money Laundering Training. See the video directly above for guidance on how to do that.

SuranceBay also has one available for free inside of your account once you’re in the AML section as well you can complete.

Which Annuity Carriers To Select?

Please only select the carriers either David or Stephen suggested you pick up in the contracting process..

Annuity Commissions

All agents are contracted at a street-level commission on each annuity carrier.

NOTE: Please click the tab that says Annuity to view commission levels and grids.

Getting A Release Of Existing Carriers to Move To DIG

Watch the video below for important details:

Please download and complete the release here – Blank Release Form.

Email the signed release once you get your old upline’s signature.

I’ll send that into the carriers and make sure your release is processed along with your carrier contracts.

Any troubles, reach out to David directly and he’ll help!

Getting Stuck Completing Your SuranceBay Account?

If stuck, go ahead and send me the email and password you selected on SuranceBay with the help request email.

I may end up having to log in to get you unstuck, and having your account credentials ahead of time will hasten the process.

FINAL STEP: Get Access To DIG’s Sales & Carrier Training For Annuities

Please fill the form out below after you complete all of the above to notify myself and Stephen Burgess that you have submitted your annuity carriers and are ready to proceed!

Dave Duford
Contact me here with questions.