ACA/Under-65 Health Insurance Contracting With Duford Insurance Group!


Watch this video below *completely* before proceeding:

Getting Contracted Checklist

Please make sure you do all the following:

  1. Need E&O Coverage? Buy it cheap here.
  2. Click here to start contracting with our suggested ACA carriers.
  3. Stuck somewhere in the contracting process? Follow these directions here to get unstuck.
  4. Flat out confused and need help? Email me, call/text me, or contact me here and I’ll personally help ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Financial Fraud, Chargebacks, & Vector-One | Please Read ALL Of This Memo BEFORE Proceeding!

For all new agents, you MUST read the following memorandum on chargebacks, Vector-One, and the aggressive prosecution of financial fraud before proceeding any further with contracting.

Please read the entire memorandum here before proceeding.

Starting The Contracting Process ACA Carriers

NOTE: You will see the pre-contracting link entitled “360 Insurance Group.” That is the partner company we’re involved with that’s helping agents sell ACA.

Once you complete ACA pre-contracting, please check your email for additional contracting requirements specifically sent from each carrier.

If you do not see the carrier emails within the next 24 to 48 business hours, please email our ACA Onboarding Specialist, Julie Davis, for assistance: [email protected]

List Of ACA Carriers To Select

See carrier availability in your state here and here.

We recommend getting contracted with ALL of the available carriers in your state.

Commissions For Each ACA Carrier

Getting Stuck Completing Your Contracting?

Please email Julie at [email protected] for guidance on how to get you unstuck.

FINAL STEP: Get Access To DIG’s Sales & Carrier Training Materials

Now that you’ve completed contracting, please reach out to Julie Davis at [email protected] to get information on next steps regarding contracting and access to our ACA training material.

It usually takes 24 business hours for Julie to respond, so please be patient =)

Looking forward to working with you!

Dave Duford
Contact me here with questions.