Selling Health Insurance (ACA/Obamacare) With Duford Insurance Group!

Deep Dive Overview Into ACA Health Insurance With DIG’s ACA Trainer, Luis Moreno

Our ACA Lead Strategy | Using iCHRA To 10X Your Health Insurance Sales Results!

Which insurance carriers do we offer?

Since DIG is an independent broker, we offer a variety of insurance carriers for agents to select from.

See carrier availability in your state here and here.

What kind of results do Duford Insurance Group health insurance agents get?

While results vary, we have documented success stories on agents who have sold ACA in person and over the phone.

Your success is our primary directive, and we want you to know many have come before you who have experienced success.

How is Duford Insurance Group different in the ACA business than other ACA based agencies?

In short, DIG is a fantastic choice to partner with to sell ACA because of our training and support, as well as helping you craft sales and marketing strategies to help you find prospects that will likely want to buy from you.

Most ACA agencies only worry about getting contracts in place, but not really putting together a system that’ll get you in front of prospects to close business. We’re exactly the opposite of that. We not only want to get you contracted, we want to get you into a system of sales and marketing so you see success!

We believe training is the difference maker in helping agents become top producers and at Duford Insurance Group, we’ve always been committed to this process and are just as committed to the ACA side as anything else that we sell.

How Does Onboarding Work For ACA Agents New To DIG?

The standard on-boarding process for agents new to ACA involves the following:

  1. If you have not already, test for both your life and health insurance license. This takes 2-3 weeks for the average person to complete.
  2. Request appointments through DIG for our recommended ACA carriers and become sales-ready. This takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

All in all, you’re looking at a 4 to 6 week onboarding process from getting licensed to being sales ready. Having your insurance licenses significantly cuts down on this process.

After your ACA contracts are approved, you’ll have access to every imaginable resource to help you learn the craft of selling insurance, including classroom modules designed by our best ACA producers and trainers, 2 live ZOOM-based conferences weekly, detailed sales and prospecting scripts, access to our ACA prospecting system, and more.

What kind of experience is required to join Duford Insurance Group?

First, if you are a NEWLY licensed insurance agent, we welcome you to consider joining DIG.

In fact, David Duford has always focused on recruiting and training new agents into top producers.

Experienced agents are welcome, too =).

Other than that, pedigree, resumes, and work history DO NOT MATTER.

All we care about is the following:

  • Coachability
  • Humility
  • Focus
  • An appetite for action
  • Ability and willingness to invest in leads
  • A can-do attitude
  • Not a whiner/complainer
  • Passion for helping people
  • Significant work-ethic

If you possess these traits, it’s likely Duford Insurance Group is a perfect fit, no matter your work history.

All About Commissions

What are DIG’s ACA health insurance commission levels and how do they work?

Commissions are explained in the resource link below. Please click on it to find a full comp grid for all the state’s we’re a part of, in addition to the carriers that we have.

Please note, this is very important. Commissions are as earned, in the ACA world there are no advances whatsoever.

You do have the opportunity for commission bonuses, however.

Keep in mind, part of an effective ACA sales strategy is also cross-selling indemnity products, as well as life insurance products, which should advance commissions.

So that’s the way to boost up your commissions and to get a better overall client commission base from.

We are more than happy to clearly explain what the expectations are in hitting these levels on our Weekly Live Group Q&A Calls.

All About Leads

How do leads work with DIG?

With ACA, we teach agents a little-known strategy to approach specific types of small businesses to propose setting up employees with ACA based health insurance plans.

This is an awesome, underutilized prospecting strategy that provides year-round sales opportunities at a massive scale.

More details on how this program works in the third video from the top – scroll up to watch if you haven’t already.

What previous career paths work well with ACA health insurance?

Literally, everything and anything.

We do not recruit on work experience, instead focusing on character first and foremost.

Do I need a license? If so, what kind?

Yes! You do need to get licensed to sell insurance.

Click this link to get more specific directions on how to get your insurance license, and where to get pre-licensing started.

NOTE: Get $150 off of your pre-licensing exam for life and health here.

Expect this process of licensing to take 2 to 3 weeks for the average person.

In addition to having your health insurance license, you have to take an additional government mandated health credentialing, which is fairly simple to complete relative to others like AHIP and most carriers have credentialing you have to complete as well.

Understand it’s not too terrible of a test to take. It’s pretty quick, very painless, but it is required in addition to selling health insurance and ACA.

What are the expected costs of licensing?

Expect to invest somewhere between $200 to $400 to become a licensed insurance agent.

This number consists of paying for pre-licensing, testing, finger-printing, and background checking.

Can I recruit from Day 1?

No. While recruiting is great, it does not make sense until you’ve developed “street cred.”

We recommend 6 to 12 months of consistent success selling insurance before recruiting.

Newly recruited agents require your attention and wisdom, and if you cannot provide it, they will understandably leave.

However, if you have existing experience selling insurance when you join DIG, then recruiting is OK.

Hours In the Field Weekly?

We want you working as much as possible.

Selling our products is primarily a game of numbers, meaning the more time in the field with prospects, the more likely you’ll make sales.

Nevertheless, this is YOUR insurance sales business, so you have full discretion over how many hours daily and days weekly you want to work.

David Duford’s recommendations are for full-time agents new to ACA to work 5 to 6 days with a few of those days late nights, and part-time agents to work multiple days during the week and all-day Saturday.

Do you work with part-time agents?

Yes! DIG founder David Duford started selling final expense part-time in 2011.

Part-time DEFINITELY works, but you need to have a FULL-TIME mentality to make it work optimally.

Can you work in another agency with other products and sell ACA exclusively with Duford Insurance Group?

In short, absolutely!

If all you want to do is your ACA under 65 health insurance business with us, we’re in full support of that.

Just please make sure that you work with us exclusively and entirely on the ACA business, because in exchange for our training and support, we want you to do all of your ACA business with us.

How does DIG’s sales and marketing training work?

Here’s how training works at Duford Insurance Group:

  • Interactive Training Website. We have a training website that houses every conceivable training resource you’d ever need to master ACA sales. Scripts, classroom training modules, live sales call analysis recordings, carrier cheat sheets, quoters, and on and on. If anything, there are TOO MUCH training resources.
  • Weekly Training Conferences. We host weekly training calls on all sorts of different subjects including script role-playing, live sales call analysis, carrier training, new agent onboarding, agency building, etc.
  • One-on-one coaching. You have access to David Duford and trainer Luis Moreno, and can schedule a coaching call anytime with him to discuss anything at all you need help with.
  • Field training opportunities. We have a network of agents nationally that are willing to take new agents on 1-day ride-alongs to learn more and observe how the business is done.
  • In-person boot camps. We host boot camps in various parts of the country on final expense, annuities, Medicare, and ACA health insurance.
  • Direct access to David Duford. As a DIG agent, you’ll get David Duford’s personal cell phone whenever you need help with anything. Just call and/or text and David is at your service.

I’ve read everything above and am interested in joining. What happens next?

Once you review how Duford Insurance Group works, follow these directions:

  1. Are you a new or aspiring insurance agent considering joining Duford Insurance Group?
    • Join a live Group Q&A call with David Duford here. You can ask David questions about joining and seek further explanation about how DIG works. Once you attend the Q&A call, you can schedule a 1-on-1 call with our New Agent Onboarding Specialist.
    • Can’t make the available live Q&A times? Let us know here and we’ll send you alternative steps to move forward.
  2. Are you an experienced agent in final expense, Medicare, annuities, or any insurance product?
    • Let us know here and you’ll get a direct scheduling link to speak one-on-one with David to ask all your questions.

NOTE: BEFORE you attend the Live Q&A session or schedule a meeting with David, please make sure to review ALL the content in the links above for the specific insurance sales and marketing program you’re most interested in. That way you are well prepared and understand how everything works =).